Damien was a wonderful colleague at Singularity University. SU was very much in fast-growth mode during Damien's tenure and he took on one crucial leadership task after another. He is the sort of executive leader who thrives in rapidly changing, high uncertainty environments and excels at helping grow early-stage companies.
Paul Saffo
Core Faculty, Singularity University
Damien is a strategic thinker and process oriented. At his core, he is relationship focused, which lends to his influence among different circles of friends and networks. We partnered together since we were working in similar fields of the creative space. What drew me to him was his big vision and brand development experience. After implementing his strategy, we experienced rapid growth in revenue and our team. If you are looking for someone to help take your organization to the next level, Damien is your man.
Julius Bercasio
Founding Partner, MTCA
Damien is the man. Everything from creative direction to project management, Damien executed with incredible follow-through. I cannot wait to work with Damien again in the future. And, if you have the fortunate opportunity to work with him, you most definitely are making the right decision.
Ryan Breslow
CEO, Sites By Hand, inc.

This is a professional and personal recommendation.

Damien Foord is raw+transparent, organic+gifted, passionate beyond belief, curious+open minded about the things he knows as much as the things he does not. Damien Foord has been a powerful mentor in my life since our connection which originated through a community(Albert's Job Listings) on Facebook.

I have been gifted with Damien's relationship for about a year now where he has been a friend, mentor, manager and a brother. Within my role at MTCA, I have worked with Damien to address the culture of his company from its roots (the individuals). He has allowed me the space within my role as Culture Advocate to truly empower his creatives, create a psychologically safe environment and explore. Damien continues to not only mentor me professionally and personally, but he is always curious in asking me questions through his ongoing development. I am humbled to say that Damien is one of my dearest connections and know he will be a vital asset to all his future investments.

Kyle Edquist
Culture Advocate, MTCA